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Our Mission

Barefoot Adventures is dedicated to Enrich-ing Lives through mindful experiences that provide meaningful interactions. Through risk taking, organized play, team building, and mindful adventures our program offers a variety of experiences.

It was such a cool summer! I learned how to paddle board, and I got a board that summer afterwards to use on my own. Best summer ever!  

Diana age 11

We read this really great article about a little girl who money to build wells in Africa. At first I was like why are we reading it’s summer?! But we got to watch a YouTube video about what she did. It was pretty cool.    

Ava age 12

I loved how each day it was just so much fun. We had community meetings, went paddle boarding, and did yoga. I even did a wheel on the board. It was awesome. Jess and Hollie are the best.   

Kim age 9

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