Barefoot Adventures & Yoga Mandala Summer Camp

Children will participate in a variety of different activities and experiences. Together we will set daily intentions, have guided meditations, practice yoga, swim, hike, experience pond study, participate in equine energy exchange, service work, and creative arts.

Date: June 25th through June 27th
Location: Tabernacle, New Jersey
Time: 9:30am - 2:30p,
 Cost: $390 a week or $130 per day

 Peanut free snacks will be provided; campers are responsible to bring their own bag lunch (peanut free).

You can find out more information on the camp here.




From Our Barefoot Adventurers

"We read this really great article about a little girl who money to build wells in Africa. At first I was like why are we reading it’s summer?! But we got to watch a YouTube video about what she did. It was pretty cool. "

Ava - Age 12

"I loved how each day it was just so much fun. We had community meetings, went paddle boarding, and did yoga. I even did a wheel on the board. It was awesome. Jess and Hollie are the best." 


Kim - Age 9

"It was such a cool summer! I learned how to paddle board, and I got a board that summer afterwards to use on my own. Best summer ever!"

Diana - Age 11

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