~Barefoot Adventures has been a great experience for me because it’s taught me so much. Jess and Hollie believed in me when I thought I could not do somethings. This has been the best part of my summer!

Age 9

 ~ Barefoot Adventures made me think more positive. Like when something doesn’t work in my favor, I think “It wasn’t meant to be.” It keeps me more happy rather than sad. It makes life more happy when you are positive. I also made some really good friends that I will miss at Barefoot Adventures.

Age 11

~ Jess and Hollie taught me to be creative with anything and they taught me to reward myself when I make personal triumphs. I felt very relaxed while mediating, all of my stress was relieved. Making new friends was also a personal triumph. I was able to learn a lot in such a short amount of time. 



Age 13

~Barefoot Adventures is the first camp that I have gone to that I made friends and didn’t feel like a weirdo! I can’t wait to come back and race on the paddle boards! That was awesome! 



Age 9

~I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot about inner strengths and pushing yourself as much as you can. Two words that I have learned about are perseverance and triumph. Both Hollie and Jess taught me how to push through any of my weaknesses; she has taught me to persevere. I have learned that you can have a personal triumph. I felt that myself when I was second during a race! 

Age 13

~ Camp was pretty cool! I usually go to sports camp and this was fun! Sharks and minnows was the best! I loved catching everyone! 

Age 9


From Our Barefoot Adventurers

“We read this really great article about a little girl who money to build wells in Africa. At first I was like why are we reading it’s summer?! But we got to watch a YouTube video about what she did. It was pretty cool. “

Ava - Age 12

“I loved how each day it was just so much fun. We had community meetings, went paddle boarding, and did yoga. I even did a wheel on the board. It was awesome. Jess and Hollie are the best.” 


Kim - Age 9

“It was such a cool summer! I learned how to paddle board, and I got a board that summer afterwards to use on my own. Best summer ever!”

Diana - Age 11

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