Yoga Programs for Adults & Children

Yoga For Special Needs Adults and Children

Yoga sequences and meditation created for special needs Populations.

Personalized Yoga Therapy

Allow us to focus on the individuals needs by  creating a series of breathwork and poses that will target specific areas., these may include previous injuries , trauma, Anxiety , Insomnia, Eating disorders, attention ,  low back pain , and hip ad joint mobility.

Yoga For Athletes

Created with the athlete in mind- are you a weekend warrior, a seasoned triathlete or training to run a 5k. Allow us to create a series of postures to engage your breath and your body, inviting you to gain flexibility , mobility, joint freedom, strength, mental clarity and restoration as well as empowering you.

Surf Therapy

Invite us to help you embrace the wonder and Awe of Mother Natures biggest wonder- Our ocean. Here we will learn to conquer fears, empower each other ,connect, share, surf, laugh and play all in a supportive and loving community of humans… as we leave our egos at home.!

Chair and Senior Yoga

We will focus on a simple, powerful and accessible series of breathwork and postures designed to invigorate, challenge and restore our bodies with the addition of props, straps and a chair.

Surfing Lessons for Adults & Children

Learn to Rip in a safe , friendly , ego free space designed to allow you to feel confident and empowered…

Yoga For Beginners

Corporate and Special Event Yoga & Mindfulness Activities

In School Yoga & Mindfulness

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From Our Barefoot Adventurers

“We read this really great article about a little girl who money to build wells in Africa. At first I was like why are we reading it’s summer?! But we got to watch a YouTube video about what she did. It was pretty cool. ”

Ava - Age 12

“I loved how each day it was just so much fun. We had community meetings, went paddle boarding, and did yoga. I even did a wheel on the board. It was awesome. Jess and Hollie are the best.”

Kim - Age 9

“It was such a cool summer! I learned how to paddle board, and I got a board that summer afterwards to use on my own. Best summer ever!”

Diana - Age 11

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